Garage Doors: Simple and Friendly Buying and Repair Guide

Why You Should Convert Your Garage Door to Give You Pedestrian Access

If you live in a detached or ranch home and are like many Australians, you may always use the garage to enter and leave your property. Your kids will typically use this door as well if they want to play in the front yard, as their toys are usually stored in this place. With so much activity here, doesn't it make sense to upgrade your access and install a garage door that is fit for all purposes? Read More 

How You Can Know that Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

The garage door is an integral part of the home design. It protects your vehicles and everything else you store inside the garage. A great door should give you excellent security and also aesthetic appeal. The door should also be functional so that any family member can operate it without compromising their safety or damaging an asset. Proper care and maintenance increase the life and function of your garage door.  Read More 

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Roller Doors

Maintenance and preventative care will keep your garage roller door safe and functional for many years. By staying on top of the maintenance, you can identify and fix the problem before they cause any personal injury or property damage. Your garage roller door requires maintenance if it shudders when opening, opens slowly, stops halfway down, won't open even when the motor is still running or has gaps between the ground and the base of the door. Read More 

Top Reasons to Install Flush-Mounted Roller Doors

Admittedly, roller doors have been around for decades; therefore, they are not something new in the market. That has not stopped the growth of roller doors' reputation as a sturdy, protective addition to main entryways in homes. Part of this can be attributed to the many designs available for homeowners to choose from. One such model is the flush-mounted roller doors. Also referred to as invisible roller shutters, flush-mounted roller doors are commonly found in modern home architecture. Read More 

Top 5 Questions To Cover With A Garage Door Service Expert

The scope of garage door service covers installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. To get the most value out of the service, here are some of the questions that you should not hesitate to ask the experts. 1. What's the Best Garage Door for You? There are several factors to consider when choosing a garage door, including the material of the door, insulation characteristics, style and cost. On your own, making the right choice may not be as easy. Read More